Due to unforeseen events, we will be moving in Feb. 2002.
I will complete the dulcimer before we leave but have not
had time to take all the pictures. So I will post a few
here and there to show how it turns out. Please check back
from time to time. As soon as I get resettled I will be making
more instruments.

      Here is a couple of shots of Willow with the top and first bottom in place.
The fret board is a 3/4 length suspension type. The first bottom is lightly braced
as it the top. Extra rigidity comes from brass screws through the top into the
fret board. The fret board and tuning head are made from maple. The sounds
holes do not have inserts in them yet. They will be made from red cedar to
stand out against the blond willow.

Willow with top and first bottom in place.    Willow side view showing fret board.