WARNING..Improper use can destroy data.
    Use at your own risk...

    FDWrite is a program to write a file to any
    sector on a 3.5 floppy. It can be used to
    write a boot sector,FAT table or just a file.
    It uses BIOS routines to write so there is
    no check before the write and no update of
    the FAT after.
        This version only supports 3.5 1.44m
    floppy disk. If you recompile the source so
    it can write to the hard drive, I am NOT
    responsable for any damage. With all that
    said, you have been warned. Don't hollar at
    me if you kill you floppy.
        Now, down to the fun stuff. If you write
    your bootstrap code you can use FDWrite to
    install it. Just input the file name, head 0,
    cylinder 0, and sector 1. Don't forget to look
    at my other program, Sector ,which will read
    any sector on a floppy to a file.
        FDWrite was writen in NASH-IDE 1.1 and
    compiled using NASM 0.95. The asm code is
    included in the zip file.
        Here is a screen shot.

        FDWrite has plenty of error checking. Note that
    the buffer is limited to 512 bytes. If your file is
    bigger, it can be split into 512 byte chunks.

        You can download a copy here..FDWRITE.ZIP
    If you have a comment or question, please feel free
    to send me an Email.