Here are a few projects I have done for Halloween....

            This is a picture of a witch made from the end of
    a cable spool...The pattern is from the pumpkin
    carving books available at most department stores.
    I projected the pattern on the primed spool face,
    traced it off and then used a jig saw to cut it out..
    I then painted the inside edges with fluorescent
    orange paint and then painted the surfaces with
    flat black exterior paint..The back is covered
    with white linen..

    Here is the day light view....

        At night I use a 25 watt soft white bulb aimed
    at the back..And behold a 5 foot pumpkin....


      Checkout who came to visit in 2002!!

      Here is a pumpkin I did for the kid....



    Updated 10/21/2000

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