Amateur OS source page

        On this page will be links to the newest source
    code for Amateur OS and also include files for
    Sphinx C--.
Boot Code
Boot.asm  boot.asm       7-7-2001
Boot.bin boot.bin       7-7-2001

Loader Code
Loader.asm  loader.asm       7-12-2001
Loader.bin  loader.bin       7-12-2001

 Unvwater.bin  A simple graphics demo  A simple text file reader  Read command line example  A simple split screen terminal          program  A very simple shooting game. Mainly to learn to use the arrow keys.

Kernel Code  Kernel  Kernel

Floppy Image       7/30/2001 

        The code matches the kernel package.
    The package contains all the updated include files.
        Install is very simple. Download boot.bin, loader.bin
    and or the zip package. Use debug to write
    boot.bin to the boot sector of the disk.
        debug boot.bin
        -w 100 0 0 1

        Next copy loader.bin and to the floppy.
    Reboot. Do not try to run other than form
    the boot up. It is not a true com file and will crupte
    you memory. It is really a bin file but Sphinx C-- will
    only with a .com or .obj extension.

        Amateur OS has been tested on the following :

        Cyrix 486v90 IBM Thinkpad 20megs VGA
        Cyrix 486v100 Desktop 8megs VGA
        AMD K6-400 Desktop 64megs Dual SVGA
        P1 100 Deaktop 16 megs VGA
        P-pro 233 Desktop 24 megs VGA
        Bochs-1.2.1 emulator 8megs VGA

        The image file is a snap-shot of the working kernel.
    There may be junk programs on there that don't work correct
    but most will do something. I run this image under Bochs and
    also write it to a floppy for testing on other machines.

        If you have a comment or question, please feel free
    to send me an Email.