Amateur OS Log Page

  June 4,2001:
       Started project...
  June 19,2001:
       After much reading decided what the system would be..
       See Amateur OS design for more on the design...
  June 20,2001:
       Started working with a little code...I was using
        OS For Dummies bootloader but didn't like the way it worked...
       Decided to write my owm bootloader and used the code on
        LasVegas's Domain: Bootstrap Tutorial to do it..
       Booted the standard "Hello World" kernel....
  June 22,2001:
       Put in code to test for a 486 or higher...
       Started on the a20 code...
  June 23,2001:
       Put in code to check for VGA card....
       Worked on understanding how to setup interrupts...
  June 24,2001:
       Finished the a20 setup....
       Wrote routine to test a20....
       Understand how to do interrupts now....
  June 25,2001:
       Wrote this web page and updated homepage...
  June 26,2001:
       Wrote HEX. A simple binary to hex converter..
  June 29,2001:
        WroteFDWrite.A program to write a file to any sector on a floppy
                                        Can be used to install a boot loader or to play with the FAT.
  June 30,2001:
        Wrote Sector.A program to read a sector from anywhere on the floppy
                                        and save it to a file.
  July 2,2001:
        Wrote The Skinny on FAT  A page on the FAT sector of a floppy.

  July 3,2001:
        Wrote  A simple directory lister. Just to see what I learned.

  July 4,2001:
        Updated website.Wrote Amateur OS sector layout .
     Completed first stage loader.

 July 7,2001:
        Went back to standard boot loader. Old boot worked on the floppy but
        was hard to setup and won't work on a hard drive.
        Updated the web page to reflect the change.

 July 8,2001:
        Wrote a 32 bit move inline asm to move a dword from SI to FS:EDI.
        FS is set to the video memory.( Sphinx C-- only allows a DI instead of EDI. )

 July 9,2001:
        Uploaded new pages on the memory, kernel and interrupts.
        Wrote an example of interrupt chaining in Sphinx C--..Timer.C--

 July 18,2001:
        After many hours of work, got kernel to run a BIN file. Thanks goes to
        Kenneth Garin for allowing me to look through his code.
 July 19,2001:
        Ported a demo, Unvwater, to run on Amateur OS. Doesn't do a lot but
        shows the kernel works.
 July 20,2001:
        Fixed download problems, sorry about that...Cleaned up code for package.
        Created package kernel_0.0.1a and updated web pages.
 July 22,2001:
        Fixed problem with com file load. Also writes command line to 0x80 offset.
 July 28,2001:
        Wrote new file routine to load file into memory using interrupt.
 July 30,2001:
        Got file routines to run correct. Intergrated new load into old loads for more
        compact kernel. Finished for reading text files. Made up new package
        and updated web pages.
 August 2,2001:
        Wrote Term. A simple terminal program for Amateur OS.
 September 2,2001:
         Not much for the month of August..Took a little break from the computer....
         Uploaded term and game....Not much but cute to look at....